Tempe, AZ

Culdesac construction began in April 2021 and monthly we shoot, edit and deliver Videos and photo packages of the construction progress to some 30 Executives for 10 Plus Culdesac Construction partners.

For our 2nd year Culdesac Contract, commencing April 2022, besides our monthly Progression Video, we were asked to focus on Time Lapse from different aerial angles and from 4 Pole mounted locations of Time lapse cameras at NW and SW property quadrants.

Time Lapse Video shot via Drone has been shot monthly from Full property, half property, 270 degrees  of the NW/SW property corners and finally tracking monthly the Light Rail Train leaving the Smith Martin Station running past the Culdesac property from West to East.

Here is this Time Lapse Video Link of the Light Rail Train with Buildings rising from the ground behind the train: https://vimeo.com/718826125 (Jacob add the Video to play with Thumbnail)

Demonstrating the scope of our productions is the following Time Lapse Video using four Pole mounted cameras showing construction development. Click here: https://vimeo.com/718789467

For a more complete look at all of our Monthly imaging as delivered of Culdesac, please check out the following link of all our May Culdesac delivered images:


Clients use our visuals for social media outreach, News footage, website uploading and social media Give us a call us at 612.386.6216 for your current or next development project.