Culdesac Development through Digital Media

Culdesac, is the Nation’s first car free Community Development along the Tempe Light Rail as coined by the NY Times and Forbes. Culdesac seeks environmentally friendly residents choosing bicycles, e- bikes, scooters, Light Rail for their primary mode of transportation. This is a more sustainable model than the predominant use of fossil fuel for transportation at this time.

In 2019 Aero Drone Visions produced the “before” Video that aided Culdesac in their journey to  raise its initial investment of $130 mm. Since Construction began in March 2021, Aero Drone Visions shoots Video and Photos monthly of Construction Progress, then distributes these updates on behalf of Culdesac to a growing number of Partners. This list now numbers some 30 Executives for 10 to 12 Culdesac Partners.

Culdesac and its Partners collaborate with Aero Drone Visions to provide Monthly Updates which assist them with  keeping everyone on the same page as far as the construction goes as well as providing content for their viewers.

This additionally is important when partners choose not to be onsite or can’t be onsite as much as they would like.

With construction sites, the real beauty and intriguing design doesn’t normally show itself until the project is nearing completion.  Since it takes a while to look interesting, we use many different techniques that not only show off the progress of the site but also can still captivate our viewers.

In addition to Monthly Aerial deliverables, Aero Drone Visions distributes to all partners a full Photo package using our Ground/Interior DSLR cameras with gimbals and Time Lapse Cameras. The timelapse is our favorite since you really get to see a property develop over the course of a couple years, neatly combined into a 2-3 minute video.

This January Update Video of Culdesac, shows off the first buildings coming up including the Cocina Chiwas Restaurant and the Street Market Grocery along the Smith – Martin Light Rail Station rising up with their proximity to Downtown Tempe and ASU.

Enjoy another Aero Drone Visions production. We’re ready to capture and document projects for you in this same compelling manner.  Give us a call, we’ll be happy to accommodate any of your Aerial/Grown visual needs.


Culdesac Development through Digital Media

Culdesac Development through Digital Media
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Culdesac Development through Digital Media
We use different techniques that show off the progress of the site but also captivate our viewers.
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Aero Drone Visions
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