Culdesac Development Progress

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In 2019 Aero Drone Visions produced a “Before” Video pre demotion on this 17 acre parcel on the Light Rail at Apache and Smith in Tempe, AZ. Said Video assisted Culdesac raise their initial $130 mm plus to start development.

With the Pandemic, construction finally began in April 2021 and now we shoot, edit, and deliver monthly videos and photo packages of the construction progress to some 30 Executives for 10 Plus Culdesac Construction partners.
Last month in March 2022, we delivered this blog Video as embedded, focusing on the client’s direction (Culdesac in this example) on the latest construction activity. As directed we focused on Time lapse of the last 6 months of Construction activity with the LRT in the forefront of the restaurant, Gym, Grocery Store being built at light speed on the NW and SW Corners of the 17 acre property.

For a more complete look at all of our Monthly imaging we delivered, please check out the following link. This is immensely helpful to all the construction partners to meet or exceed construction deadlines.

Please click here:

We hope you enjoy another Aero Drone Visions Construction Progress production. We’re ready to capture and document construction projects in this same compelling manner.

FYI…Other clients use our visuals for social media outreach, news footage, website uploading, and advertising. You should too! Call us at 612.386.6216 for your current or next development project.

Culdesac Development Progress 

Culdesac Development Progress
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Culdesac Development Progress
March update for Culdesac construction progress. Drone video & photo packages delivered monthly, custom tailored to each project.
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