Pinball Wizard


Scottsdale Waterfront Scottsdale, AZ

Our July 2022 Video of “Pinball Wizard”, is a permanent Mosaic Art Installation along the Canal in Old Town Scottsdale. 

Colorado Artist Annette Coleman selected Aero Drone Visions to produce Photos and Video of her finished work in the heart of Scottsdale after being referred to her by the City of Scottsdale and Scottsdale Arts.

Since 2018, Aero Drone Visions as hired by the City, has produced creative videography and photography of Scottsdale’s annual November Award Winning Canal Convergence Art Show. So Aero Drone Visions was the logical choice to commemorate Annette’s work.

Special Events is one of Aero Drone Visions primary vertical markets as part of 250 plus productions since inception in 2016. 

Enjoy “Pinball Wizard” and the Aero Drone Visions’ creative video imaging of this Scottsdale Gem. Click here

For November 2022, Aero Drone Visions is hired again to produce Imaging of Canal Convergence.

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