Video Mountain Lodge at Sereno Canyon

The production of Toll Brothers Mountain Lodge at Sereno Canyon represents an additional request to our monthly productions for their team.

The Lodge is at the heart of the Community as it is developing.

Aero Drone Visions, pridefully is a preferred Vendor of Toll Brothers in Arizona.

Over the years we’ve shot Video and or Photos via air with drone and interior/ground at a half dozen of their Phoenix area Communities.

For those of you who don’t know, out of PA, Toll Brothers is the Country’s largest Luxury home builder.

For their Sereno Canyon Community at the Northern Base of Tom Thumb Trailhead, for over two years, monthly we shoot Drone Video and Photos for each of their new homeowners.

On behalf of Toll Brothers, Aero Drone Visions offered to distribute these monthly via email to each of 31 homeowners so they can watch remotely the construction progress on their lots with dramatic Mountain vistas.

Here two years ago we started shooting monthly for 4 homeowners for the past three months we’re shooting for 31 homeowners.

These start for each homeowner just after they’ve purchased a lot, roped off prior to excavation, then excavation, foundation going in, going vertical each month until the house is finished and closed.

To date about 15 homes have closed.

Our Toll Brothers contact asked for Lodge Video and photos that shows off its construction progress, the Vistas and proximity with the various neighborhood homes.

After your review of the Video and Photos let us know how these Visuals play for you and call us for your next project.

Video Mountain Lodge at Sereno Canyon Scottsdale

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Video Mountain Lodge at Sereno Canyon. Building progress video of Toll Brothers in Scottsdale, Arizona located base of Tom Thumb Trailhead.